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Success Stories

Immediate Outreach to Accelerate Results

A National Insurance Provider generates over 10,000 new prospects daily through digital marketing efforts and the client simply did not have the reach or resources to connect with the prospects they were accumulating.
Transcend was able to deploy dozens of highly skilled agents to further qualify these digital leads and warm transfer them to the sales team.
In the extremely competitive insurance market it can take upwards of 3 years to convert a customer who has begun a relationship with another provider; the ability to scale quickly was imperative.

The Cost of Bad Data

A leading B2B restoration services provider with over 100 salespeople had been accumulating data in their CRM environment for nearly a decade, but wasn’t sure how accurate or complete their data was. They estimated that over 40% of all of their sales team’s prospecting activity was dedicated to sorting through bad contacts to find someone to target. Transcend was able to run a contact verification process on the 95K+ contacts in CRM and remove 52% of them that had gone bad over the years. Transcend then worked with their marketing team to determine their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and provisioned another 37K contacts that look just like their best customers so their sales team would have all the resources and prospects they need to achieve their goals.

Zombie Leads – Bringing the Dead Back to Life

A national services provider had hundreds of thousands of dormant leads who had not engaged with the sales organization in over one year. Transcend was able to provide an outreach program that revitalized over 7,000 prospects and allowed their sales team more at bats without the time consuming effort of cold calling. This reduced their overall acquisition costs by 25% in less than 90 days.

Impact Top Line Revenue in No Time Flat

A global software provider needed to boost sales pipeline and grow revenue as quickly as possible in support of their outside sales team. Transcend leveraged their marketing contact platform and contact center services to drive “sales ready” leads for the field team and provided a 6 X ROI in only 6 months.

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