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Customer Engagement Know How

Built on more than 20 years of marketing, sales, and customer service expertise; Transcend.Solutions delivers a high-value experience that empowers your business to achieve top line results and positively impact your bottom line.

Marketing Contact Platform

We know that success in any sales and marketing effort begins with highly accurate, verified data that your will fuel your marketing engine. We also know that many companies struggle to keep their data actionable because data in your CRM/MAT goes bad at a rate of 45%+ every year in a normal economy. Bad data will kill your hard work and can be the single point of failure in an otherwise successful go-to-market strategy.
Whether you need to add fresh new contacts for your marketing and prospecting efforts, or if you simply want to clean out your CRM and get rid of the stale contacts; we have designed a solution that will meet your needs. We wont charge an arm and a leg to do it either. We have access to millions of B2B contacts and can segment them any way you like to jump-start your effort with us, or any other marketing or prospecting activities you are planning.


In today’s economic environment, companies are faced with the challenge of reducing costs while simultaneously delivering ever-higher customer service levels. Many executives are looking to the contact center to help them address this challenge and to play a more strategic role within the enterprise.
Services can include Lead Qualification, Lead Generation, Inside Sales, Outbound Customer Service, Customer Support and Data Validation or Verification.

Success Stories

Transcend Go-To-Market strategy has many components including sales coverage and process, operations, customer service, and pricing, as well as more tactical things like messaging and marketing campaigns that, together, reinforce a unique position in the market. This should not be seen as a quick-fix prescription for a current quarter shortfall, but rather as a long-term plan to increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve the customer experience.
What markets do we pursue?
Which customers do we target?
How do our offers fit with our channels?
What is our unique value proposition to each target customer?