The call center is one of the world’s toughest work environments, and I’m shocked it didn’t make 2015’s most stressful job list.  Having to deal with angry customers, strict work schedules, and super high expectations are just some of the things that can make it a living hell.

Agent retention is cited as the biggest challenge by nearly all executives in the contact center world. The “call center” is notorious for being a difficult place to work, and makes attracting and retaining quality customer service representatives a tough undertaking.

The number one challenge is finding a way to adapt the environment to be appealing to the new generation of workforce. Millenials love flexibility and most call centers have very little of that.

Transcend Business Solutions can help you solve these challenges.  With an average agent retention rate of over 2 years, we can provide your customers with the best experience possible, and save 40% or more on your fully loaded employee costs.