Global Travel Provider

A global travel provider had thousands of dormant customers who had not engaged with the sales organization in over one year. Transcend was able to provide an email and calling outreach program that revitalized over 7,000 former customers and allowed their sales team more at bats without the time consuming effort of cold calling. This reduced their overall acquisition costs by 25% in less than 90 days.

Regional Consulting Firm

A strategic consulting firm was challenged with growing it's business with limited management resources and a firm commitment to preserving the bottom line. Transcend was able to provide appointment setting services to the sales staff and a virtual assistant to the administrative team that assisted with day to day operations, while driving top line revenue without the recruiting, training and management of a typical office model.

National Insurance Provider

A National Insurance Provide, had over 180,000 leads for insurance buyers that had gone cold over 2 years. Transcend was able to connect with 19,000 potential prospects and has converted 11,000 to new customers in just six months.

The client simply did not have the reach or resources to connect with the prospects they were accumulating. In the extremely competitive insurance market it can take upwards of 3 years to convert a customer who has begun an agreement with another provider; the ability to scale quickly was imperative.

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